Biagio Black Bio

No stranger to the fashion world, Biagio Black’s artwork has been featured on both coasts and in France attended by celebrities, members of the press, and international business leaders. While in Paris and Milan, in 2004, Black produced and directed video pieces for Kate Moss.

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Portrait of Vivienne Westwood by Biagio Black for Ford Models

Vivienne Westwood

“I was excited to do a commissioned portrait of Vivienne Westwood. Even though my pieces are very flat she has so much soul and contrast that she comes right out of the plane.  Her contradictions bring her to life. 

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Biagio Black Downtown Los Angeles Fashion Week

Biagio Black featured in Los Angeles MOCA

Biagio Black’s portraits were featured by Downtown LA Fashion Week at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Oct 13th – Oct 15th.

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Portrait of Hanna by Biagio Black for Ford Models

Keira Knightley

“For the Junoesque series I looked for recognizable women who have their own path and style. Knightley is pop culture royalty, a classism killer, and she is fashion.”

– Biagio Black.

Portrait of Hanna by Biagio Black for Ford Models

Marion Cotillard

“This was the last piece in the Junoesque series and the darkest which is well suiting to Cotillard’s complex and dark beauty.”

– Biagio Black

Portrait of Hanna by Biagio Black for Ford Models

Eva Green

“Every painting in Biagio’s exhibit captures the essence of being a woman. Their bold colors and expressive complexions showcase every aspect of a woman’s personality: from the sexy vixen to the girl next door,” says Emmy Cortes Kasten, little black dress’ founder. “I feel that his artwork echoes the range of the classic ‘little black dress’ from the formal gala to the casual dinner with a friend.”

Portrait of Eva Green by Biagio Black for Ford Models

Impressions of Eva Green

“In this piece I decided to explore what impressionism might look like if done by a digital mind. Where the brush strokes would normally be smooth and gestural I made them sharp and jagged. Only upon getting close up with the canvas can one see the cold technique that emulates a warmer impressionistic feel from afar.” – Biagio Black

Los Angeles Times Mention

Biagio Black in Los Angeles Times


“Young Hollywood-inspired pop art paintings by L.A. artists Biagio Black

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LAist Article

Biagio Black in LAist

“Biagio Black is quite possibly the luckiest son-of-a-gun in LA.

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Article in Model Whispers

Biagio Black in Model Whispers


“Who knows maybe the artist Biagio Black is the new Andy Warhol of the fashion world?

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